How do I compete for jobs and improve my chances of being awarded jobs?

We hand-pick the right Sweepers for each job, seeking to find the best match between the Job Posters' description and Sweepers' skills, availability, and experience.

We make these decisions based on your skills, availability, reviews, how quickly you reply, among other criteria.

The best way to compete for jobs is login to your Sweeper dashboard and click "compete" for jobs you're interested in.  Sign up for "Right Away" texts and emails from the Sweeper Settings page and get notified whenever a new job is posted!

You can also reply to texts, and text 919-628-0828 proactively in response to job postings with your availability. Tell us why you are the best fit for a job!  When awarding jobs, we want to know when you are available, and why you are the right Sweeper, whether that is that you are big and strong, or that you have years of English tutoring experience.


  • Sign up for "Right Away" texts from the Settings Page 
  • Doing an awesome job and earning positive reviews is the best way to get more jobs.
  • Text us with availability/updates at any point.  This will allow us to proactively look out for you when awarding jobs.
  • Do not be discouraged, you have nothing to lose by replying often and we will notice when awarding jobs who has been getting in touch!
  • Once awarded a job, be fast and pleasant answering customer questions, stay in communication, and wow the customer.
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