Sweeper Payments: how it works, reimbursements, travel, equipment, etc.


  • Visit your Payments Page and add a bank account.
    • Note, be careful with your account numbers. Entering the wrong account number will delay payments.

Job Payments

  • Once you are awarded and work a job, fill out a timesheet at the job page at our website.
  • Customers have 24 hours to review timesheets and checkout. If they do not, payment will process automatically.
  • Upon checkout, your payment will be transferred to your bank account.
  • These transactions typically take 2-5 business days on the first transaction and 1-2 days on subsequent transactions

Transfer Issues

  • Most payment issues are a result of the wrong account number being entered at your Payments Page. Accordingly, the first thing to do is to try updating your account number. Once corrected the transfer will work automatically, it will just take a few more days.
  • If the account number is correct, call your bank.
  • If your account number is correct, and calling your bank doesn't work, get in touch with Sweeps. We can try working with our payments provider, Stripe.


  • Share your referral code from your Sharing Page to earn more money.
    • View the page for current referral offering and details.
    • Referrals will be credited automatically once someone you refer works or pays for a job.

Payment Amounts

  • Labor: 
    • At least $18 per hour.
  • Travel: 
    • Sweepers are NOT compensated for getting to and from jobs UNLESS there is a specifically stated travel bonus on the job. Learn more.
  • Equipment:
    • You can earn money for providing equipment, learn more.
  • Expenses
    • You can add job-related expenses to your timesheet and be reimbursed. Learn more.
  • Gratuity
    • Customers are welcome to (or not to) give gratuity in cash, or while checking out online.
  • Cancellation
    • Sweepers receive 1 hour of payment if confirmed jobs are canceled within 24 hours of their scheduled start time. There are exceptions for weather and reschedules. Learn more.
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